Maximize the total loss offer from your insurance company.

Review your total loss claim for vehicle valuation mistakes that undervalue your car and unnecessarily cost you money.

Level is on your side, when insurance isn't

Being in an accident is hard enough.

Level empowers you with the tools you need to go beyond Kelly Blue Book and make sure you are paid out fairly for the actual cash value of your car.

Get peace of mind and
what you're owed

Level gives you insurance claim super powers.

Free evaluation,
then 10% of additional amount gained
Free to get started and have your vehicle valuation report evaluated
Optional consultation with a designated Claim Coordinator
Claim preparation tools and checklists to make a strong claim on your own
Learn how to advocate for yourself to get what's fair
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Our customers love what we do

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"I actually sent an email to the email address that Level provided and got a pretty prompt response and was able to do the car rental and now they have resolved the claim in my favor. Thank you so much for your help it really opened my eyes to how this process works! Seriously a service like yours is an amazing idea."

Manuela G.

"We had no idea where to even begin to get reimbursement for our expenses. We were very impressed with the attention, care and professionalism we received."

Joshua M.

"I didn't realize you could negotiate with your insurance company before working with Level. My car was a total loss and my insurance company low-balled me. I'm so glad I worked with you."

Michael F.


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What type of claims do you help with?

If your car was determined to be a total loss, Level can help you get fair treatment.

I already submitted my insurance claim. Can you still help me?

Yes! Whether you are about to file your claim or or even if you have already received an initial offer, Level is here to help.

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